Missing since 3:45pm on Sunday 2nd July 2017 . Joshua is a severely autistic and extremely vulnerable young man. He enjoys exploring buildings but will try to explore public and private places as doesn’t fully understand the differences. He managed to break free from his mum and run off this afternoon. He is incredibly fast and strong and is unlikely to want to interact with people or respond to requests when agitated or over stimulated. He ran from Eltham in the Greenwich Borough but is very fast. Josh lives in a  residential school and is never alone or unsupported, he was on a home visit and ran from his family. Josh has never been out on his own, he is mostly non verbal.

There have been sightings through the evening and night at Greenwich, Cutty Sark Canary Warf, Poplar and a possible recent sighting on Woolich Road.

Please share this everywhere to everyone who lives in the area Josh might be –  if you see him or think you see him call 999 and alert the police.

Josh will be tired and anxious and scared and wont want to be approached and thats why you need to follow him but keep in touch with police. We need to bring this young man home to safety NOW!


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